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What To Do In Gibraltar?

Discover the Excitement at Rock Escape Rooms in Gibraltar

If you find yourself in Gibraltar looking for an exciting and engaging activity, Rock Escape Rooms offers a unique experience that will challenge your mind and provide great entertainment for all ages. Located in the heart of Gibraltar, this attraction has become a favorite among tourists and locals alike for its immersive and thrilling escape room games.

Why Choose Rock Escape Rooms?

**1. Unique Themes and Storylines**

Rock Escape Rooms offers a variety of themed rooms, each designed to immerse you in a different story and challenge your problem-solving skills. Whether you are unlocking the secrets of a missing Neanderthal skull in "Sherlock Holmes," dismantling a nuclear threat in "The Hacker," breaking out of prison in "Prison Break," surviving the "Zombie ArockAlypse," or saving Christmas in "Saving Xmas," each room provides a unique and captivating experience. These rooms are meticulously designed to transport you to another world, making you forget you are in Gibraltar Rock Escape Rooms.

**2. Fun for Everyone**

These escape rooms are perfect for groups of friends, families, and even corporate team-building events. The variety of difficulty levels ensures that everyone, from beginners to escape room veterans, can enjoy the experience. For instance, the "Saving Xmas" room, with its 3.5/5 difficulty level, is ideal for families with younger children.

**3. Glowing Reviews**

Visitors to Rock Escape Rooms have left overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many highlight the friendly and helpful staff, the intricate and engaging puzzles, and the overall excitement of the experience. Here are some of the best reviews from tourists:

- "We were visiting Gibraltar and stumbled upon this gem. The puzzles were engaging and really well thought out."

- "On holiday from the UK and this was definitely a highlight. The attention to detail in the rooms was incredible."

- "A fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Gibraltar! We tried the 'Hacker' room and loved every minute."

- "Visiting from Spain and decided to give it a go. The staff was super friendly and the escape rooms were so much fun!"

- "A must-do for any tourist in Gibraltar. The experience is both challenging and immensely enjoyable."

**4. Central Location and Convenience**

Situated at No. 7 Cemetery Road, Devil's Tower Road, Rock Escape Rooms is easily accessible. They operate daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, making it convenient for you to fit a visit into your schedule, whether you're planning a day out with family or a corporate event.

**5. Competitive Pricing**

With prices set at £21 per player, Rock Escape Rooms offers an affordable yet premium escape room experience. This pricing structure makes it accessible for various group sizes and budgets.

**6. Extra Amenities**

All our rooms, except "The Hacker," are equipped with air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during your game. Additionally, we sell alcohol and soft drinks that you can take into the rooms, enhancing your overall experience.

Plan Your Visit Today

If you're in Gibraltar and looking for an exciting activity that combines fun, teamwork, and a bit of brainpower, Rock Escape Rooms is the perfect choice. With its unique rooms, excellent reviews, and central location, it promises an unforgettable adventure.


Rock Escape Rooms to book your experience and find out more about the different rooms and themes available. Don't miss out on one of Gibraltar's top attractions!

Rock Escape Rooms Location:

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to add Rock Escape Rooms to your must-do list in Gibraltar. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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