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Rock Escape Rooms is a small locally run Escape Room business, owned by Ben and Myke. We are located just off Devil's Tower road, opposite the Holliday Inn Hotel, at 7 Cemetery road. We create and build all our own Escape Games from idea to creation, whether it's birthdays, team building or just to do something different than the usual in Gibraltar, for your entertainment.

The second most common question we get asked after "If we don't escape, do we have to stay in the room?" is, "When will you have a new room for us to play?". At Rock Escape Rooms our aim is to keep our escape games on a rotation of, one new escape game every 6 months. This means that, because we have five rooms, every new escape game we create will have a game life of around two to three years. Our priority is to keep our escape games new with fresh ideas for the local community to continue to enjoy without having to play the same games again. So, we have built 3 new escape games, game Cube, Jack the Ripper and Hacker over the past eight months and have plans already in place for our next escape game, spoiler alert "Zombie Apocalypse".

We are proud to say that we build everything in house so that we know that all our games are unique to us and tha